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While this App looks METRO, and it’s advertised as a Beta (and only works on keyboards and mice at the moment), and while it installs an app to the METRO environment, it launches and works *NOT* in the metro environment but from the classic desktop mode. This seems kind of like a cop out for me.. I haven’t tried this app on Windows 7 but I am almost betting it will run there as well.. LOL

Obviously, FAUX Metro is the way to go.. With the options presented here, I could re-write this app’s UI myself in a few minutes as a real METRO app. So why they did a classic desktop app alone here is beyond me or one that (shocker) works both places and integrates into both. This is a little bit of a letdown considering this is marketed as a beta. Give us one app to rule them all.. It’s not that difficult is it ?

The app is still quite functional and usable in the “Classic Desktop Mode” Here’s what it looked like when it found my Arc Touch Mouse.. Will this be a common thing ? Will Microsoft still use classic desktop mode for things ? Is it too soon to have expected this built into the metro control panel ?


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