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Building Metro style apps with XAML and C++

With Tim Heuer

Write NATIVE C++ Code with XAML Event


The Channel 9 Event is happening live today on Channel 9.. Catch it today live right now..
(Editor’s Note: Since the event is past now  All sessions will be available for on demand viewing on 5/21 or 5/22.)

Tweet questions to #ch9live.
Whether you are a new C++ developer ready to learn about writing Metro style apps, an intermediate developer who wants to hone your code and skills, or an experienced C++ developer eager to squeeze every ounce of performance out of your Metro style app, this event is for you.  We will have pragmatic advice for every developer writing Metro style apps and games with XAML and/or DirectX and C++.
Note: These Windows-specific talks will use both portable ISO C++ and Visual C++-specific compiler extensions.